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What's Next

New business models. Good for patients. Good for practices.


20 Years of StelKast

Peter Stephans, Chairman/CEO

Health care reform will require device makers to embrace innovative new business models that serve practices and improve patient outcomes, while continuing to deliver quality products. StelKast is up for the challenge. Our flexible capabilities allow us to work closely with doctors and hospital management to meet the needs of a new age. And for us, this isn’t new.

StelKast has been at the forefront of the medical device field for 20 years. In the 70’s our parent company was the first to introduce titanium to the orthopedics industry. Today we specialize in design, manufacturing and distribution. We’re different than other companies — we listen and respond. And now we’re responding to the industry’s changing needs with our “What’s Next” initiative.

This new initiative focuses on regulatory and market changes sweeping the orthopedics industry. We are responding to these changes by partnering with surgeons to ensure that the industry can be successfully reshaped. We want to hear from you about how we can work together. Please take a moment to share your thoughts here.

Historically, our business has been very personal. We don’t just work with our customers, we know them personally, and we know their likes and their dislikes. Ours is a family business, and we intend to keep it that way.

So what’s next? The time has come for us to make this field value driven for the patient and put the surgeon back in charge of the business. We have the roots and the reach to do this.

Let’s get started.